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Flat or embossed, a rainbow of color options, and perfect for any occasion, digital foil stamping is the perfect way to add a sense of luxury to your printed materials.

Keep reading to learn what digital foil stamping is and how it can be used.

What is Digital Foil Stamping?

To understand digital foil stamping, we need to first look at traditional foil blocking.

This method of traditional foil blocking, which is also known as hot foil stamping, is done by applying metallic foil to the paper or card of your choice through the use of heated dies or plates. The process leaves the foil textured with the desired design.

Digital foil stamping differs from traditional block foiling because it doesn’t require the hot presses. Instead, the image to be foiled is directly printed onto the foil and is then adhered to the card.

Digital foil stamping is available in a wide range of colors but unlike digital printing, it can’t be exactly matched to a Pantone color. That being said, the result of digital foil stamping is incredibly beautiful.

When Can You Use Digital Foil Stamping?

Digital foil stamping is ideally used to draw attention to a certain aspect of the final work. Because of the light shine and reflection within the foil, digital foil stamping is most successfully used when it intends to draw the viewer’s eye.

If you want to embellish something and convey an air of luxury and refined taste, digital foil stamping is a perfect choice.

How to Mix Digital Foil Stamping and Printing

Mixing digital foil stamping and printing is the perfect way to have the most beautifully crafted card or art piece. A combination of the mediums is ideal for invitations to weddings, birthdays, business openings, and more!

To combine the two, you’ll need to first print the image and cell-glaze the sheet. Then you’ll need to print the image that is going be foiled on top of the cello-glaze. The last step is to put the cell-glazed card through the foiling process. For each different foil color, you will need to repeat the foiling process.

Because this is such a delicate process, let a professional do the work for you. You’ve got an event to plan!

Digital Foil Stamping Costs

If you’re intent on a DIY digital foil stamping process, it is possible. However, we do recommend working with a professional, like Kelvyn Press, to ensure the highest quality possible.

Depending on the type of machine that you want and if you want digital foil stamping or traditional foil stamping, which is often easier for DIY and stamping first-timers, you’ll probably be spending upwards of $150 (at the low end) for a machine.

Where to Get Digital Foil Stamping?

At Kelvyn Press we can take care of all of your digital foiling needs. From banners and invites to folders and business cards, flat or embossed, our digital metallic foiling is the best in Chicago.

Some popular metallics that we offer include:

  • Gold Foil
  • Silver Foil
  • Rose Gold Foil
  • Red Foil
  • Green Foil
  • Blue Foil

Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

Digital Foil Stamping Examples

We already know that digital foil stamping is perfect for invitations, but it’s also ideal for:

  • Book covers
  • Business cards
  • Pocket Folders
  • Invites and Reminders
  • Certificates
  • Menus
  • Packaging

Really, the possibilities are endless.

Book Covers

Book covers that make a statement are the perfect chance to use digital foil stamping. The gleam and feel are sure to have a few people making impulse buys, and your incredible writing will have them buying copies for all of their friends.

Business Cards

For a business card that doesn’t get lost in the shuffle or shoved in the bottom of a bag, foil stamping is the perfect solution. With digital foil stamping available, the cost is significantly lower than traditional foil stamping with hot presses. You can also get a few of these made to give to the clients that you really want to wow!

Pocket Folders

While pocket folders might not be what you traditionally think of as a use for foil stamping, the metallic shine is a great addition to an otherwise bland folder. Adding your company name or logo in foil will help it stand out among the crowd.

Invites and Reminders

Wedding invitations, baby showers, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, business openings, murder mystery parties, or whatever your occasion is, adding foil to your invite takes it to the next level!

Many events also require reminder cards. Adding a consistent foil stamping design across both invitations and reminders is a great way to pull the two together while keeping the design elegant.


Certificates are the perfect excuse for digital foil stamping! Whether it’s an official graduation or an honorary employee of the month certificate, gold foil stamping is the ideal way to make it special and something worth framing.


You’ve likely put a great deal of time and effort into testing, designing, and redesigning your menus. For reusable menus, adding a foil design is the perfect way to make the menu feel special. From classy restaurants to quaint coffee shops, adding digital foil will create a sense of splendor among your clients and have them ordering the expensive options.


From luxury envelopes to customized wrapping paper, packaging speaks volumes. Add a sense of opulence to your packaging with digital foiling!

Get Started Today

Digital foil stamping is a great way to bring your graphic design projects to the next level, and impress all your friends and loved ones!

Now that you know just how digital foil stamping works and how you can use it, get in touch with our team today to get started.