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Are you ready to add to the 27 million business cards that get printed every day?

With so many business cards floating around, you want yours to stand out. Take time to create a truly unique design to make yours the best looking business cards possible.

Not sure where to start?

Keep reading to learn our tips for designing the best business cards.

Define Your Branding

Your business cards aren’t a separate idea. They should connect with your overall branding message to help grow familiarity with your company.

If your general branding is very sleek and modern with a black and white color scheme, creating a splashy, colorful business card doesn’t really flow well.

Consider the overall style, theme, and personality of your business. Use this as a guide for creating business cards that have the same feel.

Things such as font choice, wording, color, and graphics all play into branding. Work with what you already have in place for other printed materials when putting together your business card design.

Plan the Design Elements

The overall design elements draw attention first. Your company logo is often a primary design element on the cards.

Decide how and where you want it to appear. Making it large enough to stand out yet small enough to fit other information is key.

You might also include an image that matches your business.

If you run a garden center, you might include a flower or plant image. If you own a restaurant, you might include a food image.

Think about what fits your branding and business type to create a unique design. Be careful not to cram too much onto the card, or it might end up looking too busy.

Choose Colors

Color choice is more than just making your business cards look good.

Color can give your brand recognition an 80% improvement.

When you choose a signature color for your business branding, you make it easier for people to spot something from your company.

Pull colors from your overall branding to use on your business cards. When people see your cards, social media profiles, business signs, and other elements, they all seem familiar.

Include Important Information

Don’t focus so much on making your business cards look good that you forget the purpose. You want the relevant information readily available on your business cards to ensure they work.

Add your company name in large font. Include multiple forms of contact information, so customers can reach you in a way that matches their preferences.

Include any other details you want consumers to have. Remember, your business card isn’t your website. You don’t need to pack every detail about your business onto a tiny card.

Stick with the most important information. Then, proofread the content multiple times to make sure it’s accurate.

Use the Front and Back

Instead of only using one side of the card, make use of the back for additional information or functionality.

The back is an ideal spot for writing appointment reminders if your business is appointment-based.

You might use it to share helpful tips based on your business. If you’re a tax preparer, you might include a few tax tips or important tax deadlines on the back.

Choose the Material

Cardstock is the standard for business card material. It comes in different weights.

The heavier the cardstock, the more durable the card is. Higher-quality, thicker cardstock makes your business cards seem more substantial and professional.

Don’t skimp by going with a lightweight paper. Not only will the cards not hold up well in pockets or purses, but they’ll also feel and look Cheaper. That can reflect poorly on your business.

You can also choose from a variety of paper finishes, including glossy, matte, and soft touch. These different finishes give your cards a polished look and make people take notice.

Creative material options make people take notice of your cards.

Printing on seed paper is fitting for a gardening business or an eco-friendly business.

Metal and plastic are becoming more popular. They give business cards a more permanent feel.

They’re also unexpected, so people will likely be curious about what they are. This can help your business get more attention.

You can also create magnets that double as business cards. People can use them on their refrigerators to hold up papers. Every time they go to their fridge, they see your business card, so your company stays fresh in their minds.

Decide on the Shape

Small rectangular cards are standard, but you don’t have to stick with tradition if it doesn’t fit your business style.

One way to change up the traditional rectangular design is to print your cards vertically on rectangle cards instead of horizontally. The cards still fit easily into people’s pockets and wallets, but the unique printing orientation makes them take a second glance.

Square business cards add a more modern look to your design. They still use the straight edges, but they look different, which draws attention.

You can also go completely unique with die-cut business cards in nearly any shape.

One curved end is a simple option. Rounded corners on a rectangular card can also make a simple but bold impression.

Or make the card a shape that reflects your business type. If you own a home inspection company, you might make your cards a house shape.

Add Extra Detailing

Modern business card design options go far beyond the standard cardstock and ink printing methods.

You can add all sorts of special detailing and accents to make your cards stand out.

Painted edges give a contrasting look and add depth to the cards.

Foil detailing emphasizes a certain part of the design. You might use it on your logo for extra emphasis.

Embossed patterning creates a raised effect that also adds emphasis to certain areas on the cards.

Think about the parts of the card that you want to emphasize. Decide on the best ways to draw attention to those areas while keeping with your overall branding and style.

Create the Best Looking Business Cards

When you want the best looking business cards, take the time to create a stunning layout that truly fits your brand. With the right design elements and a material that stands out, you can create business cards people want to keep.

Are you ready to design and print custom business cards for your company? Check out our business card options and order today.