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What if your next marketing breakthrough could fit inside a standard envelope?

Postcard marketing is one of the most creative and reliable ways to improve your marketing strategy. To get the most out of this strategy, though, you must develop some innovative designs.

Wondering how to take your designs to the next level? These postcard design ideas will serve as a powerful inspiration!

1. Personalize It

Postcard marketing can be a bit of a double-edged sword. For example, customers are delighted to receive a personalized postcard. But they may be turned off by something that just seems generic.

For best results, try to personalize the postcards you send out. The simple act of adding someone’s name instead of something like “resident” makes it much likelier that they check out the rest of the card.

If you’ve been collecting analytic data on your customers, you can even customize card graphics, copy, and offers to their individual tastes. This makes customers more receptive because it shows how well you know your audience.

2. Introductions Are In Order

Let’s say you’re committed to postcard marketing. That brings up the obvious question: when should you send out cards?

There is no magic calendar of dates you should follow. At the bare minimum, though, you should send out cards when you’re opening a new location or offering a new service.

A postcard is a great way to introduce someone to your company. You can include things like your logo, slogan, and vivid imagery to bring the company to life in the minds of your customers.

To get customers in the door of your new store, you should include special offers on your first postcards. We’ve got a few ideas about that further down!

3. Control the Vertical, Not Just the Horizontal

Sometimes, the oldest marketing strategies remain the most effective. For example, you should always do what your customers least expect if you want to grab their attention.

Take the standard postcard layout. Almost every postcard features a horizontal layout. If you want to stand out, try rocking a vertical layout instead.

It all comes down to customer engagement. When someone encounters a vertical layout, they will spend an extra few seconds to see what it says. And those are an extra few seconds you have to win a new customer over.

Trust us: even among other postcard marketing campaigns, a vertical design will really distinguish your company.

4. Hop On Those Holidays

Seasonal marketing is a great way to stay in your customers’ minds. And nothing says “seasonal” like taking advantage of everyone’s favorite holidays.

A playfully spooky postcard is a great way to show you’ve embraced the Halloween spirit. And a festive card helps signify that you’re ready to sing a few Christmas carols and decorate the tree with your favorite ornaments.

For maximum effectiveness, you can use seasonal postcards to help advertise seasonal offerings. And Christmas postcards are a particularly good time to include deals with your postcards.

After all, who doesn’t want to save a few more bucks around Christmas time?

5. Game On

Earlier, we touched on the importance of customer engagement. What better way to improve customer engagement than by turning the postcard into a game?

One simple way to do this is to include scratch-off elements on your cards. The scratch-off sections give customers the thrill that comes from any kind of gambling.

That’s because the real power of a scratch-off postcard is not the amount of money that a customer wins. Instead, it’s the long minutes or even hours in which they fantasize about the possibilities of winning. It all comes down to our unrealistic optimism.

Even if the customer doesn’t win a major prize, they’ll have dedicated a lot of time thinking about shopping at your store. And that makes them far likelier to walk through your doors than before they received the postcard. 

6. Offer Deals

Nothing gets a customer’s attention quicker than offering them something for nothing. In fact, 74% of customers are primarily motivated by special offers. Because of that, including special deals on your postcards is always a winning strategy.

What kind of deals should you offer, though? Some of these are going to be more enticing to your customers than others.

Here’s a great example of this: on paper, a percentage discount coupon is a great deal. The more customers spend, the more they save!

Despite that fact, customers consistently prefer dollar amount coupons such as “$5 off your next purchase of $25 or more.”

Such coupons make customers feel like you put extra money in their pockets. That helps to drive sales, build your brand, and foster customer loyalty.

7. Add Magnets

The only real “downside” of postcard marketing is that postcards are easily disposable. If you don’t get someone’s attention right away, it’s quite easy for them to toss your card in the garbage along with a pile of unwanted mail.

Therefore, your postcard design strategy should be twofold. First, you must get their attention with vivid colors, vibrant photography, and vital deals. Second, you should offer an incentive for them to keep your card hanging around.

And “hanging around” can be quite literal if you add magnets to your postcards. This encourages someone to stick your postcard on their refrigerator, cabinet, or another nearby metal surface.

Think of this as a tiny billboard in someone’s home. The more they pass by the card, the likelier they are to come and visit you!

8. Show Your Appreciation

What is the single best way you can keep your customers coming back? The answer is to let them know how much you appreciate their business!

That’s why some of your postcards shouldn’t be advertising things like new products. Instead, they should be simple “thank you” cards that you send to customers after they make a purchase.

The card serves as a tangible reminder of your gratitude. And it lets customers know that you care about their happiness and not just about their money.

Postcard Design Ideas: Your Marketing Future

Now you have some of the best postcard design ideas. But do you know who can bring those postcards to life?

We are here to handle all of your printing needs, from business cards to brochures to (what else?) postcards. To see how we can revolutionize your marketing strategy, contact us today!