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Promotional items companies give away can be a tricky concept.

Giving away physical merchandise to prospective customers is something companies have been doing forever. There’s no doubt that, when done correctly, promo giveaways can increase brand awareness, create leads, and even boost sales directly.

Deciding what promo items to have made is a crucial part of this process, however. If you aren’t giving something away that’s worth it to the customer, then they’re likely to throw it out or let it sit in a drawer somewhere, never to see the light of day again.

In this post, we’re going to tell you 7 promo items that won’t get tossed. These items have a higher ROI and they’re more likely to help you bring in meaningful leads. You’ll know when you’ve made a promo item that works, but sometimes you just need a little inspiration for what to create.

1. Tote Bags

Tote bags are arguably the most useful of any promotional item that you could produce for your customers. There are more and more environmentally conscious people in the world every single day, so giving them another bag to take shopping is always a good idea.

You also have a huge canvas for whatever branding message you want to put out there when you’re using tote bags. With two blank sides, you can include your logo, a slogan, and any other imagery you think would catch someone’s eye.

As a promotional item, tote bags really work because people usually take them out shopping. Being out in public is exactly what you want your promotional item to do.

2. Hats

Promotional hats are a classic for small businesses, whether you’re running an auto body shop or an IT company. Wearable promotional items are great because they act like walking billboards when done properly.

You have to take the design of the hat seriously. People aren’t likely to wear a hat that a company gave them unless it actually looks pretty good. Put some effort into making the design fashionable, while also getting your brand identity across effectively.

3. Umbrellas

A lesser-known, but still effective promo item is the branded umbrella. These are especially useful if your business operates in a rainy part of the country (Seattle, Miami, Portland).

What makes it a good promo item is that umbrellas aren’t something people really want to spend money on. You can give them away for free, and they aren’t likely to be thrown away anytime soon. 

Again, with an unfurled umbrella, you’ve got a lot of space to work with in terms of your branding message and design. Since it’s not something that will get a ton of use, make sure your logo is printed loud and proud.

4. Water Bottles

Water bottles, unlike umbrellas, will get daily use, but only if the bottles themselves are of decent quality.

It might feel like affordability should be paramount when creating promotional items since they’re given away for free. If you give people a flimsy plastic water bottle, however, it’s likely to break quickly and be thrown in the trash.

Use high-quality plastics or even aluminum bottles, and your potential customers will have them for years to come. People get attached to water bottles, so they make the perfect promo item.

5. T-Shirts

Another classic on this list is the promotional t-shirt. This is pretty much every company’s first thought when they’re tasked with making promotional items, but that’s because they’re effective. Who doesn’t want a new t-shirt?

Even if they aren’t in someone’s weekly clothing rotation, a t-shirt can be worn to the gym, while you cut the lawn, or even just in bed. If a t-shirt gets thrown away, it’s usually because it’s been worn out from too much use, and if it’s donated, then it can reach a new prospective customer. 

It’s another case for the “walking billboard” approach to promotional advertising, and t-shirts are actually quite affordable to produce. When you shop at Kelvyn Press, you’ll be able to choose from dozens of t-shirt materials and even more great design ideas.

6. Mobile Gear

A great way to make promotional giveaways that people will genuinely love is to focus on what makes them tick. Our smartphones make the world go round, so providing a free phone accessory is a great way to spread your brand to new eyes and ears.

Phone cases, charging cables, holders, and portable speakers are just a few of the hundreds of brandable mobile products that you can create. Some are more expensive than others, but if you’re opening a merchandise shop on your website, then there are countless options for products to sell.

Promotional products don’t always have to be free. Providing useful mobile products to your customers with your logo and message on them is an effective way to immediately increase the ROI on your promo products.

7. Note Pads 

Last, but not least, note pads aren’t typically thought of as a great promotional item, but once you have one, it becomes useful. Giving away branded notepads will ensure that your prospective customers are seeing your company name and logo every time they write a grocery list or leave a note for their kids.

Note pads are typically given away by law firms, financial offices, and marketing agencies, but you don’t have to restrict yourself. If you own a car dealership, why not give away branded note pads to new customers that come in? It’s a great way to stick in someone’s mind for weeks and months after you first see them.

Choosing From Promotional Items Companies Give Away

There are more popular promotional items companies give away all of the time, and there are more unique ones. Selecting which ones are going to help boost your brand awareness and give you meaningful leads is a huge part of the process. These are 7 of the best bang-for-your-buck options, but there are so many more out there.

At Kelvyn Press, we specialize in making promotional products for companies of all kinds and sizes. Take a look at our site today to get some inspiration for your next promo products, and contact us to discuss what we can do for you.