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Christmas is just around the corner and it’s important that you let your employees know that they’re valued. One of the easiest ways to do this is by sending personalized company Christmas cards!

Not only does this help everyone transition to the holiday spirit, but it’s also a great way to communicate each employee’s value, especially if you own a small business. Large businesses can also benefit from Christmas cards, as it’s important that employees are reminded that they’re not just a number.  

With this in mind, read on for our top five company Christmas card ideas! 

1. Print Photos

Company Christmas cards with photos are an easy way to create a unique and memorable card. When it comes to photos, we recommend group photos with you and the staff. Stock photos or real estate photos of the office will appear generic.

A group photo of the staff on the front of the card will hopefully bring back warm memories and a reminder that you’re all a team. If you don’t have a group photo and you’ve all been working remotely, use some 2020 humor by taking a photo of your Zoom screen as everyone smiles at their webcams. 

You can make this more special by requesting people wear Christmas sweaters or hold up funny signs. 

2. Make It 2020

A Christmas card is elevated if it has some 2020 humor. This self-aware humor can add a bright spot to Christmas and also ensures that your employees know you’re aware of how much harder they had to work. 

You can look for company Christmas card designs that feature face masks or sayings that reference 2020. But even if the front of the card is humorous, you can write about your gratitude for employees on the inside. Maybe people throughout the country have been struggling with their family’s health, financial issues, depression and anxiety, and more. 

3. Luxurious Cards

One of the best ways to make sure that your card will be read and valued is to use materials that increase its value. Requesting a spot UV technique on your card is one way. 

This technique allows certain details of a card to stand out with a glossy finish. For instance, you can raise certain words or graphical elements. If you’re only sending out cards to a few employees, you can even make their name stand out for a truly personalized and luxurious feel. 

Foil stamping is another specialty printing process that can increase the luxe factor. This method utilizes metal dyes and foil film in order to make certain elements of a card shiny and glossy. This creates a huge visual impact because they add a shine to your cards similar to precious metals. 

4. Brand Your Cards

Company Christmas cards with a logo are great ways to reach out to your local community and spread the word about your company. Instead of for your employees, these branded cards are best to send to business partners or people who are within your target audience but haven’t become customers yet. 

If you don’t want your branding to be as obvious as a large logo, consider a large pattern or image on the front that contains your brand’s color palette. On the inside, you can write a heartfelt message as well as sign it with your name and the company name below. 

When it comes to branding, people may remember the message as well as the creativity of your design far more than a blatant logo. B2C companies can take advantage of this by also including coupons or discounts. 

5. Hone Your Message

Company Christmas card sayings are just as important as the overall design of the card. However, it can be hard to decide on a saying that everyone will enjoy, especially if you have a large company with diverse beliefs and backgrounds. Here are some of our top ideas: 


Spread a message of gratitude during the holidays. This can be as simple as a large, graphical “gratitude” on the card or leading with a “thank you.” 


When people think of Christmas and the holidays, they often think of cozy, cheerful nights with family and friends. These holidays might be different for some people, but you can still encourage the Christmas spirit by printing this message. 


Did any of your employees have a particularly stressful year? Ending the year on a message of peace is a good sentiment for individuals as well as the world at large. These cards are often accompanied by beautiful images of doves or cozy winter scenes. 


Last but not least, our top recommendation for your Christmas card saying is a message of hope. On the inside of the card, you can begin by thanking your employees as well as listing out some of your wins for that year. Lastly, leave a message of hope–whether that means an emphasis on workplace culture for 2021, increased pay, or more clients. 

Meaningful Company Christmas Cards for Employees

The best company Christmas cards are those that are meaningful and personalized. Instead of a generic card with your logo on the front, take some time to consider the challenges you faced and the hurdles you overcame. Remember that your company card should have a goal of ensuring that employees feel valued as well as hopeful for the next year. 

Through rich colors, beautiful materials, and eye-popping designs, you can create a card that they’ll be happy to display in their homes for the season. 

Ready to begin? Our full-service printing solutions are able to deliver high-quality materials fast. Contact us today with your ideas and we’ll get back to you soon!